Relevance of Engine Remapping Courses for the Car Technicians

October 19, 2018

Till few years back, nobody had ever imagined that the car mechanism would be controlled with the help of a software and will require the trained technician to rectify various issues. But, with the changing time and technical developments related to the methods of car manufacturing, there is a huge requirement of skilled technicians who are well versed with the use of computer software for dealing the issues related to the performance of the car.  

Going, through this requirement, different types of courses are initiated by the technical institutions like Viezu Technical Academy, to educate the aspirants willing to explore their career in the car mechanism, with the proper learning of various software available for improving the performance of any vehicle. Being a car owner, you would have noticed that there is a vast difference in the performance of your car since the time you drive it for the first time. This, although is a natural process, but adversely impacts the budget of car owner due decline in fuel efficiency and power generation efficiency.

As both these issues are related with the engine, there is need of upgrading the program written in the software of engine control unit, that is installed to control the performance of an engine and its parts associated with the engine through sensors. As the whole process is performed through computers, there are different courses which are introduced for the aspirants. Some of them are referred below:

Alientech Software Training course: The students undergoing this course are taught the methods of using Alientech software of re-writing the programming maps installed in existing software of ECU. During the five day training course, the students learn the methods of tuning both the gasoline and diesel engines. Whether you are an experienced technician or an inexperienced technician, undergoing this course will help you in understanding the complexities that you could face while remapping the ECU. The course will clearify your doubts related with engine remapping, intake system, fuel injection system, antipollution system, supercharging system, and more topics. Depending, upon your convenience, you can erol for classroom sessions or online classroom sessions.

Swiftec Training Course: Similar to Alientech, learning the use of Swiftec software helps in enhancing your knowledge about the methods of using the software for remapping the engine control unit of any vehicle brought to you for ECU remapping. While pursuing the course the students learn the use of deactivation models like DPF, EGR, DTC, 02, remapping the gasoline NA and remapping the gasoline turbo engines, diesel remapping etc.

EVC WinOls Training Course: Learning the use of WinOls software literates the students with the appropriate methods of using the software for remapping the diesel and gasoline engines according to the expectations of their clients.

Besides, these there are various software and their respective courses that are initiated for the students willing to explore their knowledge of engine remapping.   

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