Unleash the Hidden Power of Your Car with Chip Tuning

June 01, 2017

If you own an old car and planning to remap its engine control (ECU) unit for boosting its performance then your decision is undoubtedly a viable decision. But, what about the car enthusiasts who get the ECU remap of their new car to enjoy its hidden powers, this might surprise to most of the readers but it is the true. It would be interested to know that despite of the fact that driving a new car from the showroom in it-self is a proud moment for car lovers and no car lover would ever like to get the machinery of his car get opened by the mechanic until unless it is not indispensable to get any issue rectified.

Surprisingly, today going through the vast technical developments and increasing use of computers in our day to day life activities, performance of different mechanical parts can be enhanced with help of chip tuning. With changing time and use of computers, car manufactured today are becoming electrical machines rather than mechanical machines. This transition in the car mechanism has resulted in use of computer software that helpful in determining the performance parameters of the different machines integrated under the bonnet of your beloved car.

Performance Tuning

As mentioned above, cars manufactured today are embellished with Engine Control Unit which is maintained with help of software determining the standards of fuel efficiency and ignition timing. Use of these performance tuning software, rewrites the program mentioned in ECU resulting in improved fuel efficiency and additional power generation efficiency.

Reasons for using chip tuning software for boosting the power of your vehicle:
You will be surprised to know that car manufacturers across the world do not equip the vehicles manufactured by them with auto-chip tuning software, this is mainly because of few reasons. The utmost reason behind this discrimination is their own standards which they have to keep in concern before launching the new vehicle in any country throughout the world. Because, there are different laws applicable in different countries regarding use of fuel quality and level of emissions control in different countries. Another reason is remapping the engine control unit might affect the insurance coverage on the vehicle, although chances of any change in the insurance policy are almost nil in all the countries.

Another reason might be update of software. May be as you have got your car serviced at regular interval due to which you did not faced any problem in driving it, despite of diversified driving conditions. But, going through this you had not paid any attention towards upgrading the software installed in your car due to which you have not able to enjoy the actual benefits from your car which you could have enjoyed by upgrading the software.

Therefore to enjoy the true value of your car, it would be better to get your car to any of the experienced mechanic in your city and get its working efficiency optimized to enjoy more benefits from it. Now days there are various groups which offer user friendly tuning software which can be used easily, by a person with standard knowledge about working on computers by linking his computer with essential components of engine for rewriting the drivability program of his car.

How do the chip tuning software works?
The chip used for rewriting the software is developed from silicon ultra violet light that is used for deleting the standard memory that is received from device used for emitting mercury vapor light. The chip erases the existing data and configures the data stored in it into engine control unit. The new data eliminates the set up standards that are determined for fuel injection of timing of valves.

Benefits: The benefits of using tuning software can be summarized as follows:
  1. Enhances the performance of vehicles. Moreover as there are different activities performed during the course of re-tuning, the performance of various other parts also improvises.
  2. The vehicle is enriched with additional power with chip tuning, which facilitates it to diversified driving challenges under extreme conditions.
  3. The cost of labor on repairing defective parts also decreases.
Conclusion: In simple words, it can be said that with help of chip tuning you are in position of enjoying the hidden drivability features of your car that you had not been able to enjoy due to lack of your mechanical knowledge.

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